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Language Interpreter

Language Interpreter

In all proceedings (except Small Claims), counsel or self-represented litigants requiring the assistance of a foreign language interpreter for a non-English or Limited English Proficiency speaking party or witness at hearing or trial must make all necessary arrangements prior to the trial or hearing for the presence of an appropriate interpreter. Request for an interpreter should be submitted once the requirement presents itself. See local rule 2.6 for additional information.

To request an interpreter for a court proceeding complete the local Request for Interpreter Form or inform a Clerk at the counter. For Mediation, inform the clerk in the Self-Help Center.

Counsel or the party must immediately notify the court upon learning that the services of the interpreter are not required. Failure to timely notify the court of the cancellation of the need for an interpreter may result in an order for reimbursement to the court for any cancellation fee the court is required to pay to the interpreter.

Court will provide a language interpreter by Language Line or your matter will be continued to another date when a foreign language interpreter can be available.

Interpreter Request Form

Interpreter Complaint Form

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