Self Help

The Self-Help Legal Center offers one stop legal assistance and a place for people to research a legal matter, type forms, make photocopies, and get prepared to file their papers. One can make an appointment for individual assistance or attend one of the “How to” clinics.


The Self-Help Legal Center provides services for the Superior Courts of Calaveras. All services are free of charge.



The Family Law Facilitator Program helps with matters pertaining to child support, spousal support where child support is an issue, health insurance and medical expenses of a child or child care reimbursement.




See what online resources the Self-Help Legal Center provides.


Representing Yourself

Tips on representing yourself in court.



Small Claims Advisor

The Small Claims Advisor assistance for Calaveras County is provided at the Self-Help Center to provide legal information and assistance to people representing themselves in a small claims matter.  All services are free of charge.


Self-Help (External Web Sites)

Domestic Violence

The Crisis Center provides many services to individuals and their families dealing with past and present Domestic Violence.

Contra Costa's Virtual Self-Help Law Center 

It provides information that will make it easier for you to handle your court case, whether you have a lawyer or not. If you are more of a visual learner videos are available and the same information is in a text format as well. This site can help you learn about court procedures, find forms, and links to other important resources.